All you need to train your cat and protect your furniture, even when you are not around.

Stelucca Amazing Shields comes with everything you need to protect your couch and create a new scratching habit for your cat that does not include your furniture. In a very short time, your cat will stop scratching your furniture and start using the scratcher.

Thousands of cat owners have successfully used Stelucca Amazing Shields to train their cats. Try it. You will be amazed by the results.


Yes, you can train your cat to not scratch your furniture.

In a very short time, your cat will stop scratching your furniture and start using the scratcher.

Thousands of cat owners have successfully used Stelucca Amazing Shields to train their cats. Cats are very smart animals. Most of the time, they will choose to scratch your furniture when you're not around. Amazing Shields will discourage scratching on your furniture without the cat viewing you as the troll that guards the couch.

With Stelucca Amazing Shields set you will be able to demonstrate to your cat where they are allowed to scratch in your home and which areas they are not. For every "No!" you should provide a "Yes!" so your cat knows what to do.

Try it. You will be amazed by the results.

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Amazing Shields Strategy!



Stelucca Amazing Shields can easily be cut, providing you a variety of size and shape options that suit your needs. The shields come in a flat package to make cutting easier.

Peel off


Peel off the laminate. The shields are made in a perfect thickness and a extra large size (12"x17"). You can easily cover a large portion of your furniture with one package.



The installation is super easy and doesn't require any tools. Stelucca Amazing Shields are cat repellent, most cats won't even try scratching on it and they will avoid the protected areas immediately after shields are applied.



Use the twist pins included in your package to secure the shields in place. The pins are designed to go in between the fabric weaving and not damage the upholstery. For leather, we recommend not using the pins - the adhesive should be sufficient to hold the sheets in place.



Place the scratcher right beside the areas your cat likes to scratch. When they realize the couch is not an option anymore, the scratcher will be an appealing alternative. It will also discourage your cat from looking at other unprotected areas to scratch.

*Scratcher not included



Reinforce the new habit by sprinkling catnip on the scratcher. Most cats are very attracted to catnip. It can be used to draw your cat's attention to the scratcher every time they go to the forbidden areas.

*Scratcher not included

The best investiment you can make to protect your couch!

Stelucca Amazing Shields is perfect for you. Get yours today!


The best way to enjoy your couch and love your cat!

Thousands of cat owners have successfully used Stelucca Amazing Shields to train their cats.
Try it. You will be amazed by the results.

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Amazing Shields is perfect for you!


Your cat will stop scratching your furniture instantly. The Amazing Shields Set comes with everything you need to protect your furniture including a cat scratcher cardboard and catnip to help you create a new scratching habit to your cat that does not include your furniture.


Larger transparent sheets mean you can easily cover a full section of your sofa upholstery with few sheets and prevent your cat from scratching around the tape. Also Amazing Shields can easily be cut providing you a variety of sizes and shapes that suit your needs. Amazing Shields covers at least TWICE more area than any similar products on the market.


We believe Stelucca Amazing Shields is the solution you are looking for to protect your couch from scratches. Try it! you will be amazed by the results. We even offer 100% money-back guarantee in case Amazing Shields is not for you. Simply send us back the product and we will fully refund you, no questions asked.

What our customers have to say
about Amazing Shields

The #1 choice among cat lovers!

Cusotmers photos

Preserved our new couch

My husband and I board cats that are in transition either from one owner to another or owners that are moving. We've been hesitant to buy a new couch knowing the potential decimation that would befall new furniture. We finally had to buy one and these furniture shields have saved our pricy purchase. They are easy to apply and customize. So far we have had the first ones we applied last 9 months with no issues and they work! Our cats and any other cats with us are totally disinterested in the areas that have these shields applied. We have since boughten more for our chairs. Great purchase!


They are clear which I really liked. I have a rescue cat for about 5 weeks. I have bought 2 scratching post 3 , scratching mats. She does not use the posts but will use a mat. My furniture is fairly new ...couch, 2 recliners.and a swivel chair. I bought 2 packages but it only covered the recliners. I covered all around the bottom of the chair and back. I had to use the pins because the chair material was thick and they would not stick by themselves I need to order more but they are expensive

These work well!

I have 3 cats - two that are indoor scratchers. The newest kitty has taken a liking to scratching my new sofa set. I bought these, and it really has discouraged him from doing so. However, he wants to find unprotected areas of the sofas to scratch on, and I'm having to use spray on those areas. But it completely discourages scratching on the edges, sides and backs of the sofas. Adhesion is pretty good, but I found that my cats are so active I had to use the pins provided. Not an issue - they don't damage the sofas, and the adhesive doesn't either. Great product.

Finally, something that works

I am absolutely THRILLED with the effectiveness and ease of this product. It sticks to the couch great after multiple times of repositioning and anchored in place with little twist pins. I love that it's customizable, too. My cat hasn't scratched our new couch once! I'd like to cover the entire couch with these shields, but I figured it's best to only cover the areas I've seen her scratching the most. She refuses to scratch anything, and I mean ANYTHING but our couch and bed. There's so much money wasted on so many cat scratchers, but not these perfect shields!P.s. I love that it came with a cute little bonus gift. It cracked me up!

Kitty deterrent

I am amazed that that it not only looks good and stays in place, but that it has worked to stop my cats from scratching on the chair that has been a favorite scratching post for them. They tried, but after a couple of days they gave up! I have one kitty that nothing stops him when he is determined to do something. I had to laugh at his failed efforts. LOVE this product!

The answer to detouring my cat!!!

Very happy I saved my funiture with the shields. Wish I did so sooner but didn’t know this existed until recently. Needed to order more to totally cover the reachable places of my couch and arm chairs, because my cat moved to uncovered areas. Now that everything is covered no more scratching the livingroom funiture!! She still will not use the scratching posts and will scratch the rug, however I’m not concerned about my cheap rug like I am my expensive furniture. So happy!!!

Works great!

I bought this to protect the paint on the washroom wall. The garbage can and laundry hamper lid was leaving marks on the wall from opening and closing it repeatedly. Was easy to apply and the adhesion is great, it was exactly what I was looking for.The seller was great. They reached out to make sure the package arrived okay. The package also came with cat booties.

Protects the couch, as promised.

I looked high & low for a couch protector and finally found it. We recently got a new, expensive couch, that we wanted to protect from our cat's clawing, and this shield not only does the job, but also looks discreet (compared to other products). They also send a set of chair leg socks, that are just adorable (and I think I buy a few more). I have just placed a new order for our second couch.

Excellent product

The plastic sheets are very easy to install and the adhesive on the back adheres well enough to the fabric on its own. However, I did use some of the enclosed fabric tacks to provide extra adhesive security to the lower areas of the couch. So far our cat has not attempted to scratch the couch, but if she does, I’m confident the cat scratch protectors will protect our new piece of furniture.

Best Furniture Tape I've Bought

The best cat training tape I've used! Another brand I bought would always come off as I was removing the backing, but this thick, SUPER sticky tape stays in place well during and after application! My cat is not thrilled about all the tape but I'm thankful it deters him from scratching!Important to Note - This tape is super sticky and your clothing WILL snag on it if you walk close to it, so remember to avoid the taped areas!

Great quality. Sticky, easy to install. Highly recommend.

So far, I really like this product. They are very transparent and a BIG upgrade from the red towels I used to protect my sofa arms from my cat before.I found this product really easy to install, and much stickier than expected - I haven't even needed the pins to secure it yet! That could change with wear, but they provided plenty so I'm not worried about it. I should also note that while the sheets are sticky, it's not the kind of sticky that will leave residue if/when ever removed.For me, the only drawback of this product is that it buckled a bit during application in some areas, leaving some areas a little puckered (see pic). It's also a bit shiny, but it's plastic so that's expected.Great quality. Total couch-saver. Highly recommend.

Great product!

This is a fantastic product to stop your kitty friends from ruining your furniture. Easy to apply and fabric tacks help to hold the plastic sheets in place. My cat hasn't gone near the arm of the sofa since this was applied. I also love that once applied it is barely noticeable. So much better than covering my expensive couch with a blanket or sheet. Highly recommend!

Canap� intact

J'ai acheté les protections au début de l'adoption de mon chat. Il est pas du tout intéressé à faire ses griffes sur le canapé, on en a mis aussi sur les dossiers de chaise en tissu, aucune griffure. Il a essayé une fois sur le canapé, il a bien compris que quelque chose n'allait pas et que sa griffe n'adhérait pas au tissu, il est allé directement sur son grattoir. Je recommande vraiment les protections, c'est adhérant, facile à installer et cela reste esthétique sur les meubles.

Scratch free even if my couch looks granny-ish

I’m instantly pleased!! I was very skeptical about this product I have three cats one naughty mom who teaches her kids very bad things....As I was putting on the couch with my 10 yr old son who enjoyed helping, the mom cat kept swatting at us. None of them have tried to scratch at all. This is worth it!! The only suggestion I would make to seller is to use a furniture pin with a little more durable head to it. And I LOVE the free gift I’ve been bragging to all my cat friends and non when I order for my loveseat that’s coming I’ll have two more. Consider making these for purchase thanks again!!

Great product.

Works great. My sofa has rounded arms and so I had to use the pins to keep them in place but it definitely keeps the kitty claws from ruining the couch. Plus they are pretty easy to cut through so I could make sure I got full coverage. Got them some weeks ago and they’re still staying strong. I will say that if you plan on using them on the side of the furniture you actually lay on like the back rest or arm rest the do make a plastic crunch noise.


I have three cats and they've all done a lot of damage to my couch sets. Since buying this product, my cats are unable to ruin the furniture any further and it they try to scratch, the plastic is too thick for their nails to penetrate the couch (or even pierce through the plastic itself). I am so happy I purchased this item and would recommend any cat owner to invest in this.

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If I could write a Buzzfeed article about this, the title would be “Humans love it, Cats hate it. Find out this dirty trick your Feline doesn’t want you to know!”This product is fantastic! It will prevent your cat from scratching your furniture, guaranteed!You can easily cut it to shape, and they even include corkscrew thumb tacks to keep it in place, even if the adhesive (which is great enough already) doesn’t stick to your furniture.10/10, would recommend for FABRIC!

It works. But order 2 instead of one.

Eh, it works, but you have to order 2 instead of one. You also have to cut them to fit your bed, but it does work! You have to be carful with the fitted sheets when putting them on. It does work. Great job, but they need to give you more the 6. The should give you 12. Then I would give them 5 stars all around.

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The best investiment you can make to protect your couch!

Stelucca Amazing Shields is perfect for you. Get yours today!


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