All you need to train your cat and protect your furniture, even when you are not around.

Stelucca Amazing Shields Scratcher comes with everything you need to protect your couch and create a new scratching habit for your cat that does not include your furniture. In a very short time, your cat will stop scratching your furniture and start using the scratcher.

With Stelucca Amazing Shields set you will be able to demonstrate to your cat where they are allowed to scratch in your home and which areas they are not. For every "No!" you should provide a "Yes!" so your cat knows what to do.

Thousands of cat owners have successfully used Stelucca Amazing Shields to train their cats. Try it. You will be amazed by the results.


Yes, you can train your cat to not scratch your furniture.

In a very short time, your cat will stop scratching your furniture and start using the scratcher.

Thousands of cat owners have successfully used Stelucca Amazing Shields to train their cats. Cats are very smart animals. Most of the time, they will choose to scratch your furniture when you're not around. Amazing Shields will discourage scratching on your furniture without the cat viewing you as the troll that guards the couch.

With Stelucca Amazing Shields set you will be able to demonstrate to your cat where they are allowed to scratch in your home and which areas they are not. For every "No!" you should provide a "Yes!" so your cat knows what to do.

Try it. You will be amazed by the results.

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Amazing Shields Strategy!



Stelucca Amazing Shields can easily be cut, providing you a variety of size and shape options that suit your needs. The shields come in a flat package to make cutting easier.

Peel off


Peel off the laminate. The shields are made in a perfect thickness and a extra large size (12"x17"). You can easily cover a large portion of your furniture with one package.



The installation is super easy and doesn't require any tools. Stelucca Amazing Shields are cat repellent, most cats won't even try scratching on it and they will avoid the protected areas immediately after shields are applied.



Use the twist pins included in your package to secure the shields in place. The pins are designed to go in between the fabric weaving and not damage the upholstery. For leather, we recommend not using the pins - the adhesive should be sufficient to hold the sheets in place.



Place the scratcher right beside the areas your cat likes to scratch. When they realize the couch is not an option anymore, the scratcher will be an appealing alternative. It will also discourage your cat from looking at other unprotected areas to scratch.

*Scratcher not included



Reinforce the new habit by sprinkling catnip on the scratcher. Most cats are very attracted to catnip. It can be used to draw your cat's attention to the scratcher every time they go to the forbidden areas.

*Scratcher not included

The best investiment you can make to protect your couch!

Stelucca Amazing Shields is perfect for you. Get yours today!


The best way to enjoy your couch and love your cat!

Thousands of cat owners have successfully used Stelucca Amazing Shields to train their cats.
Try it. You will be amazed by the results.

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Amazing Shields is perfect for you!


Your cat will stop scratching your furniture instantly. The Amazing Shields Set comes with everything you need to protect your furniture including a cat scratcher cardboard and catnip to help you create a new scratching habit to your cat that does not include your furniture.


Larger transparent sheets mean you can easily cover a full section of your sofa upholstery with few sheets and prevent your cat from scratching around the tape. Also Amazing Shields can easily be cut providing you a variety of sizes and shapes that suit your needs. Amazing Shields covers at least TWICE more area than any similar products on the market.


We believe Stelucca Amazing Shields is the solution you are looking for to protect your couch from scratches. Try it! you will be amazed by the results. We even offer 100% money-back guarantee in case Amazing Shields is not for you. Simply send us back the product and we will fully refund you, no questions asked.

What our customers have to say
about Amazing Shields

The #1 choice among cat lovers!

Cusotmers photos

Thank YOU!!!

Ah!! I just got new furniture this past weekend and I am RELIEVED!!!! My cat has made such a mess out of my old furniture that I had to search for solutions to eliminate her from scratching the new ones. I ordered the package that also include the cat scratcher pad. I have bought my cat one in the past but she was never fond of it, so never used it. Well I guess since this was in a box, which she loves boxes---she actually scratched the pad and even sleeps in it! That is a relief, since now she has a designated spot to scratch. I am in hopes that she relies on that instead of on the furniture. I had no issues with the sheet protectors, you just peel and place the sheet on your furniture. The adhesive was strong enough to hold on my fabric furniture but I went ahead and used the pins that it came with just to secure the hold. It does not look tacky at all and I would surely recommend this for those who want to eliminate/prevent damages to your furniture. Definitely worth investing in!

Does exactly what it says it does. 4 reformed cats as of today!!

This product does exactly what it claims. I have 4 cats I was trying to train not to use the current sofa we had for a scratching post, as we had purchased a new set. It worked!!! They soon got out of the habit, and started using a scratch post I provided them with. The adhesive is enough that you don't have to use the pins and was easy to remove. I highly recommend this products. I now have 4 cats who do not scratch our new sofa. The seller is awesome, contacted me to see how I liked y product, and to express gratitude and a willingness to answer any questions about the product. Great product, great outcome, great seller experience!!!

A Perfect Combo of Protection from the Cats with a Little Fun for the Cats!

We have four cats and one of them really scratched our previous furniture very badly. So with some new furniture on the way, we were looking for a quick and easy solution that might possibly prevent the same problem from also occurring on our new upholstery. Well this kit certainly turned out to be a great idea to try, since not only were the protectors very quick and easy to apply, but the added bonus of the kit also including something that the cats would be allowed to scratch was absolutely genius.

Awesome customer service and product

Our previous couches were victims of our cat's claws, but I really didn't care since I knew we would be replacing them. When we got our new couches, I used the scary tactics towards my wife by telling her that we'll have to surrender our cat in case she scratches our new furniture (I was not ready to spend a substantial amount of $$ on new furniture that will end up like the old ones) ... So my wife went ahead and ordered these Amazing Shields. I must say this product is Amazing (pun intended), invisible and strong enough to help keep our curious cat from attempting to scratch our new couches. We ordered enough to cover each corner entirely. Love it

Works like a charm !

Truthfully, I never write reviews, but considering that I’m on my third couch since I got my cats, this product deserved a review.I have two kitties who I am madly in love with, and I had gotten to the point where I considered declawing because they’ve completely ruined two brand new couches. I just bought my first home and knew I’d be getting some new furniture, so I started looking for options in hopes that I wouldn’t have to replace ANOTHER couch. I put the shields on the couch and my kitty walked up to it, ready to scratch the corners like he always does... he felt the shield, and just walked away. I couldn’t believe it. I put a cat scratcher next to the new couch so he would have the option to scratch something else, and it worked like a charm. I’ve had the shields on for a week and the new couches remain scratch-free. I covered the seating part of the couch with fleece blankets that match the color of the couch, and I’m very pleased that my new furniture is protected.I only had to cover the corners of the couch with the shields because that’s really all my cats are interested in, but so far so good. Very happy with this purchase.

Great protection!!!

I bought 2 sets of these shields because i needed a second pair of free kittem booties for my kitchen chairs.The shields are easy to trim, easy to pin, and do not interfere with the comfort of my couch. Owning 3 cats is not easy, and since most furniture companies don't have warranties for paws and claws its important to take care of your furniture.When the time comes, these are also easily removable, and the condition of the couch is like new underneath the film. Would definitely buy again for future furniture.

Work great!

My cat isn't terribly destructive, however, whenever we bring new furniture into the house, there is a period of time where he tests whether or not we will let him scratch it up. We bought a brand new couch and then went on vacation for a week, leaving him behind with a cat sitter who came periodically during the day. I was afraid since we wouldn't be around to watch him that he'd think we got him the world's biggest scratching post so I bought these covers. They worked great. I kept them on for another 2 weeks after we got back from vacation. I took them off a few days ago and he is totally disinterested in the couch. Also, they left no residue on the couch whatsoever. I'm happy with this purchase and I'd buy them again!


Just what we needed for the doggies that like to mark their spots in the house. Needed to protect my furniture. very easy to cut size and apply. I did not need to use the tacks that were included because I did not need to. Good adhesive on back and you can remove the plastic if needed with no damage to fabric or faux leathers. Really good product, simple and well thought out by the makers, although it is a very simplistic. Sometimes simplicity is good . Thanks Stelucca Amazing Shields for a much needed solution to the bad doggie situation.

Saved my new couch

These literally saved my new couch. My cat has always prefer to dig her claws into furniture instead of the scratching pad strategically placed right beside it. The story was the same with my brand new couch and I was desperate for a fix. These shields did the trick! They stick well, I didn’t have to use the pins, and they blend in really well. I had to cut them to make them fit perfectly and it was easy to make them work. I would highly recommend these to any pet owner!

No more complaints

This item has to be one of the best investments money can buy. I have a cat who uses my couches as a scratching post and I’m getting irritated that my new couches I just bought in March are being ruined by him. Not completely but I don’t want to see my hard working money go to waste. So I recently purchased these. So far my cat has scratched my couches. It easy to install. I had to cut one of the strips to fit the end of my couch. Cute pins. Almost looks like a book

No more shredding the couch

Who would have thought that a simple piece of sticky plastic would do the trick. After I placed the shields I waited for my kitty to make his rounds around the couches. He went to all corners and sides of both couches and realized that something was off. And he was not a happy kitty. It saved my couch from more destruction.. Now, he is actually using his cat tree to sharpen those claws.

Ha Ha Kitty...I win! headboard is padded linen...which screams ‘scratch me please’. It became a game. Kitty would start to claw, I’d pull him backwards, he’d go back, I’d pull him backwards...always at 3 a.m.🙄 I’d hesitated to buy furniture guards because I thought it would look tacky and be hard to keep on. Wrong on both counts. First of all, a clawed apart headboard would look tackier, lol, and these stay up great! It’s really like the sheet of plastic that’s over electronics when you first buy them. It’s thick enough that it doesn’t twist around and get tangled when you pull it off the backing, but still pliable enough to bend around corners and cut to size. The twist pins are ingenious. They’re coiled, so you twist them in and out, meaning they won’t just pop out and end up stuck to your foot or kitty’s paws. They included more than enough. But the best thing? Kitty now walks up on my bed, looks at the headboard, and turns around and walks off! 😂😂😂 I win! The pic I posted looks like it has ripples through it, but it’s just picking up the reflection from light. It actually lays flush to the fabric. It’s just fantastic. Thanks Stelucca!!!

Satisfied Customer

We purchased some a couple months ago to try out. We liked them so well we just bought more. They adhere very well and cat has stopped scratching on our couch. We did however need to cover much more area because once we placed them on her favorite areas she simply moved to a different location on the couch to scratch. Because they’re clear, they certainly look better than a clawed up couch.

Great Furniture Protector

I’ve been looking for ways to keep my sectional from the cat attacks for awhile and came across these. These shields stick well and even come with pins if you need extra security. They stick well even without the pins. You get very large sheets for your money that work great to keep your furniture looking new and not attacked by the animals. There was even a cute, special gift that came with my order.

One happy human, one grumpy kitty...

This product has worked well so far to stop my cat from destroying brand new living room furniture. The product was easy to install overall. The adhesive backing sticks well to the fabric of my furniture and the product conformed relatively well to the rounded corners of my furniture. The little pin screws were easy to use and are doing a great job securing the product. The pins are also small enough to work between the weave of the fabric, so I don’t expect any visible holes. The product itself is nearly invisible on my furniture as well, in fact I don’t think people will notice unless I tell them it’s there. Overall I am very happy (my kitty not so much) with this product. Time will tell, but so far an excellent product for the price!

This is an amazing product!

I have a young cat and two older ones. The youngster would ignore the many scratching posts in favor of my new leather furniture. i I purchased this product, installed them on the places where my kitty was want to scratch, and within two days, she would approach, try to scratch, and with a twitch of her tail, head for a scratching post. Thank you, great product! OXOX

A furniture life saver (from felines)

Being a foster person for cats/kittens I have had my share of ruined furniture. I recently purchased a small recliner from Amazon and was concerned the kitties would have a field day. Just by chance I came across this product while searching for cat furniture protection. I was extremely sceptical the adhesive would not last against imitation leather but was amazed at how strong it is without damaging the material. Customizing shapes is a breeze. All you need are some sissors. Boy, I wish I would have known about these earlier. I could have saved my living room sofas. This is truly an outstanding product!

Easy to install and it works

I love for the fact that the plastic adhere easily to my sofa. However, still need to use the twist pin to ensure plastic stays in place. Overall, it looks quite decent and not too obvious. For the 6 plastic adhesives, I could safely cover the areas that need protection. My cat instantly got attracted to the scratcher and so far has not come to the sofa.

Easy to use and effective

I bought the other type of plastic cover (different company) first that does not have adhesive and it looked SO tacky because you have to put the pins in all four corners, which looked even worse if you had to cut it to the area and add more pins. With this - I was able to customize it to my ottoman that my kitty cat loves to put her claws in without it looking tacky. The ottoman is velvety, but the adhesive has not done any damage. I will note that I am cheap and went ahead and kept up the other non-adhesive plastic and my kitty knows that is the weak spot and will still try to get her claws in-between the sheets of plastic there. Don't be cheap like me - just buy this adhesive. It looks better and ultimately protects the furniture better. It was worth every penny.

Easy to install!

I have used other, thicker, plastic sheet furniture protectors in the past but I like these much more. They are thin which means they are easy to trim down to size, and easy to screw a furniture tack thing through wherever one is needed. The adhesive is fairly weak, but is enough to help keep the sheets in place during installation. The free chair leg socks this set ces with are insanely cute!

Works as described!

Easy to put on and a nice size the covers the areas needed (the corners). Plenty of pins included which really help the protectors to stay in place. Would definitely repurchase when/if more are needed. Cats have pretty much stopped scratching where they are, I just got lazy and didn’t cover all 8 corners (couch and loveseat) and occasionally they scratch the uncovered area but not as much as they used to. I just have to pull out my package and cover the rest!

Great Furniture protection from bunnies too!!!!

I have a new little bunny that is OBSESSED with actually chewing chunks of my chaise chair!!! Never had a bunny be so destructive! After searching and brainstorming, I came across these and thought I'd give it a try, can't hurt! They work GREAT!!!! I highly recommend them for protecting your furniture from mischievous pets of all kinds lol!!! I decided to order a second pair to make sure the whole perimeter is protected.

Cat scratching new recliner

I put the cat scratching protectors on my new recliner a week ago and so far, my cat has not scratched the chair. I hope that's a good sign. Instead of scratching on the scratching box, he sits on it and did not smell the cat nip that came with it. So far, so good because he ruined my old recliner. I would order the protectors again.

It worked perfectly for me

My cat was clawing the back of my brand new furniture, I looked for a protector and this set of furniture shields looked promising. I put the shield on the area where she was clawing and put the scratch pad near the area and she hasn't even tried to claw the furniture since. At the current time, I'm happy with the purchase and glad it is working. I didn't fully read the instructions, so I didn't cut the sheet down to a proper size so it has a lump in it where the plastic bowed, but that was my fault. I also have not tried to pull the sheet back off of the furniture, so I'm not sure if it will damage anything or leave a sticky residue. I don't believe it will, but if it does, then I will update the review.

Save furniture from cats!

We've only had the amazing shields up for 5 days on the back of our newer sofa and our cat, who used to claw it several times a day, has not touched it once that we've seen. So it's maybe still the early to tell but so far so good! The shields are visible because they are shiny but hey, that's better than our sofa being ruined by our cat.


They are actually thicker than I expected them to be, which is a plus. Great quality product. So this is an update. I’m totally impressed. The shields don’t look tacky at all and are perfect! My cats are so confused and have no choice but to use the scratching post. I wish I had found this product sooner. It also improved the look on an already scratched couch(see pic). I can have both cats and fancy furniture.

Amazing Shields, Amazing Product and Experience!

We are so pleased to have found this product, as we have been having to deal with our cat scratching our furniture - and that can get old really fast! Other products have proven to be ineffective. But Amazing Shields held up just fine. It is strong and works like a charm to deter our kitty from scratching and clawing the couch.Since we just moved to a house with hardwood floors, the cat was missing his scratching carpet. The scratcher that came with the shields is perfect because it does not make a mess, and the kitty is satisfied. I recommend this product, it's worth every penny. It's a good investment to protect your furniture, which costs a lot more. As far as delivery and product quality upon arrival, everything was just as promised! We are happy customers, and will certainly check out other products from this seller! Thank you!!!

Works great!

I bought these to protect my new couch from my 4 cats. I love the look of my couch and didn’t want to hide it from people. The shields are a clear plastic that is soft enough to bend around the corners of the couch but yet strong enough to protect from the cats claws. Super easy to install without damaging the fabric. I recommend this product 100%. Great price for a great product.

Love it

Cat recently started scratching our couch. Added four of six protectors so far - that covers the front and back of each arm rest. The rest of the couch's fabric moves and doesn't seem to interest our cat. Will add the other two if needed. Thick plastic - I was worried this would not deter our cat, but I have no doubt now. Sticky enough to stay attached without the pins, I believe. I did add several because I cut slits on one side of each sheet so it would accommodate the curves in our couch and wanted the slits to hold well. Small enough pins that I didn't feel bad adding them - though I can imagine damage would occur easily if they were snagged and pulled.

You need these

Finally found, after 3 try's, a product that really works! I bought new furniture in November and was not going to let my cats ruin them. I first tried 2 other brands, one being 2 sided anti scratch tape, found it too messy and difficult to keep in place. I got Amazing Shields and as I write this they have been a life saver for my furniture. For starters, the packaging is very good, they are packed, shipped and delivered flat, not rolled up, which is a smart and convenient. They stuck to my material easily and tightly and are still in place, didn't need the twist pins. I recommend this product and find for the $$ a good investment to protect your furniture, which is a lot more.

Amazing Shields - amazing product!

I had just about resigned myself to sitting on a shredded couch for the rest of my life, and I just bought a new sofa for my apartment. I decided to give this a try since nothing else has worked before. It's perfect! The customizable strips are easy to wrap around sofa arms and corners. Although it's slightly noticeable in the light, I forgot the plastic was there after a couple of minutes. I came back to see my cat sleeping on the couch, and he hasn't paid any attention to the fabric since putting on the shields. I highly recommend this to any cat owners!!!

So far so good!

I have tried EVERYTHING to keep my cats from scratching furniture, and all of them are either ugly, ill-fitting, or easily moved around by my cats. I had been investigating clear vinyl covers for my chairs, and came across this product. It is very high-quality, thick plastic, and pretty easy to apply to the furniture. I have had it up for a week and as far as I can tell, the cats haven't touched it so far! I will say that it's not really good for curvy furniture; I tried to apply it to the top of the back of a chair, which is slightly curved, and I can't get it to stay flat.

Works like a charm!

These Amazing Shields are truly 'amazing'! I adhered them to the areas the cat was clawing at on my chairs and couch and the cat stopped clawing in those areas. I will have to purchase more because the cat is now clawing in new areas where the Amazing Shields are not covering. I wish the cat would use the scratch posts we have for him, but unfortunately, he prefers the furniture.


I loved these so much more than I thought I would. I actually bought these and the double sided tape to see what I like best and these were the definite winners. These weren’t TOO sticky to the point I was worried about my furniture, by sticky enough that they stay put. Also, I accidentally misplaced it the first time and was able to easily peel it back up and move it to where I needed. I didn’t even need to use the pins that came with them. For my average size arm chair I used two packs. I was also worried that the shiny effect would look a bit tacky but I was super surprised at how much they blend in.My cat has also (knock on wood) not touched my chair since.

Very effective!

These work very well...just make sure to affix them with the upholstery pins (and perhaps order a few more). The adhesive is strong enough to hold the shield in place while you apply the pins, but it won't last beyond that. The good news is that the shields don't leave any residue behind as a stronger adhesive would (and my upholstery is velour, so it would show). And the shields don't mar the look of my sofa at all. They have kept my pets from shredding the furniture, so they definitely serve the purpose! I would order again.

Not tacky! Clear!

I paired this with another product called Quick20 Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit. Fixed the damage that was done already and placed these over top. I cut them in half to really cover the part my cat goes after. They are indeed larger to cover more area. Cat hasnt bothered since. I would recommend this highly to anyone experiencing the same problem. Especially for the section in the middle/back of the couch.

These worked well for me!

I was excited to receive these since my cat would not stop scratching the side of the couch even though there are two scratchers in the room. Now with the shields, she no longer runs to the couch to scratch and runs right to the scratchers.I did not want to use the pins provided since I was afraid they would make marks on the furniture. The shields seem to stick well without them --I just have to press them back down on the edges every so often.I would definitely recommend these as they worked well for me!

Exactly What I Needed

These are exactly what I needed. The shields are big enough to cover the entire upright arm of my love seat, which had become the favorite target of a naughty tomcat, and the corkscrew pins are perfect to really secure the shields. He really tried to pull the shields off and failed—hurray!—and the corkscrew design of the pins ensures he can’t pull those out, either. The shields and the pins do not hurt the cloth fabric at all, and since the shields are clear, they don’t obscure the pretty fabric. This is the perfect product if you need to discourage a kitty from clawing the glad I found these!

Highly recommend!

New kitty and new couches! I was able to cut to fit for my new couch, loveseat, and have some thinner strips for the recliner. They stuck beautifully on my pleather upholstery and I was able to adjust one without there being fabric on the product. I got the kitty a good scratching post at the same time and I think I'll be able to have this furniture looking like new for a long time. I didn't need to use the pins provided, but the company offers more if you need them (I actually used the pins to hold the plush blanket covering in place). Excellent product, and the seller is first rate for making sure you're pleased.

They work and they're easily to make into custom sizes and shapes.

I got some new couches and didn't want my roommate's demon cat to destroy them and so far so good that cat hasn't been able to shred the couches at all. I put these in all the likely places the cat would scratch and I was able to easily cut them to a custom size. I didn't bother to use the included screw things and they're still staying up just fine. If you use the screws they're definitely not going anywhere.

Keeps the claws off the couch!

I bought a brand new couch from Restoration Hardware and my two little monsters sunk their claws in almost immediately. I was desperate for something to keep them off of it and this is working, so far. I've had these wrapped around the corners of the couch for about a month now and I think I'll keep them on for another month just to make sure the cats are completely disinterested. I would definitely recommend this product.

Absolutely awesome!

Absolutely awesome!I'm so glad I found this product. I've tried similar products before but this one is the best by far. I really liked the size of it, it fits perfectly on the corners of my couch where my furry friends were planning on destroying it. Make sure to use the pins, they are really good on keeping the protectors in place, I've never used these pins before, very useful. I totally recommend this product. Fast shipping too.

Scratching problem solved with Amazing Shields!

I just bought new furniture to replace the living room furniture which my cat ore to shreds. Immediately upon delivery my furry friend rushed in and started scratching. I went to Amazon for help and came up with Amazing Shields and quilted furniture covers. Problem solved!!! No scratching and the shields are hardly noticeable on my light beige furniture. They do fall off if you don't use the accompanying tacks. P.S. Their customer service is terrific.

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The best investiment you can make to protect your couch!

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